About Miss Modi

Our passion for craftsmanship is embodied in our jewelry.
Handmade | Cute n Fun | Inspiring designs.

I am Casey Yui,  founder of Miss Modi,  Finest Handcrafted Enamel Jewelry.  After almost two decades as a corporate Interior designer,  I decided to leave the corporate world in 2017 to start my own business promoting women jewelry designers from all over the world as well as creating my own beautiful,  whimsical,  and colorful enamel jewelry.  With the help of my husband and trusted friends,  I started Miss Modi in 2018!  👊👊 2019 was our breakout year and my company Miss Modi showcased total of nine events in LA and the Bay area.  We were also featured in the LA Times in November 2019 for their "2019 Holiday Shopping Guide- 20 Gifts Kids will Actually Love."