Taiwanese Street Food Collection

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One of my fondest memories growing up in Taiwan was when my parents would take my siblings and I out to the original Din Tai Fung on Xinyi Road (Taipei) for special occasions. While the bus ride was only a short 10-minute ride, we would have to wait patiently in line for hours while the aroma would drift and drive us crazy! Once inside, we were crammed shoulder to shoulder with others on a tiny table but were rewarded with the most incredibly delicious baskets of XLB in town!  It brings back so many sweet, warm memories of my life in Taiwan and eating XLB and other street foods is a must-do activity when I return.

As food is typically the first bridge between cultures and given the worldwide popularity of Boba and Xiao Long Bao, our Taiwanese Street Food collection literally flew off the shelves when we debuted it in Los Angeles last year. For me as a Taiwanese American, it truly made me so proud to see that these little things that bring back sweet, warm memories of my life in Taiwan were now so widely loved and accepted by non-Taiwanese here in America.

I’m proud to be a Taiwanese American to celebrate, connect, and promote Taiwanese identity, heritage, and culture with our Taiwanese Street Food collection.