Our Texas

“You don’t just move to Texas. It moves into you.”

In 2021, my husband and I drove 1,700 miles with our cat and dog half way across the country to start a new life in North Texas. Now after two years, we couldn't be more happier and grateful for the life and the people we’ve met here.

I’m beyond excited and proud to present our Special Edition five-piece “Our Texas” collection! Each design is a reflection of my love for Texas and includes the great State Flag of Texas, the iconic Texas Longhorn steer, our beloved Bluebonnet, the Lone Star, and a beautiful Texas Rainbow! With the help of my design partner, I spent more than 3 months from concept, research, sketch, to final design. We spent an additional two months with our craftsmen to handcraft each prototype until I was satisfied with the finished products.

We’re proud of our designs, stand strong behind the quality of our jewelry, and this collection is no exception! I sincerely hope I can move Texas into your heart or someone you love with our beautiful, handcrafted Special Edition "Our Texas" collection!