Ka-Tsi (Retro) Bag Enamel Stud Earrings
Ka-Tsi (Retro) Bag Enamel Stud Earrings

Ka-Tsi (Retro) Bag Enamel Stud Earrings

A bag interweaves the old and new culture together. A genuine local style bag that represents our Taiwanese culture. It’s getting a lot of international attention and widely popular among foreign tourists.

Ka-Tsi bag was originally made for local farmers in a simple pattern composed in red, blue, and green strips. It was cheap and wear-resistant and used to transport food and other agricultural products. The bag quickly disappeared after Taiwan transformed from an agricultural to an industrial country. Recently, these old school and Ka-Tsi (Retro) bags came back into fashion and are setting the trend for youngsters. They're still cheap, lightweight, waterproof, and wear resistant which is why they're so popular today!

A collection of Taiwanese Street Food. All pieces are created from hand cut patterns, colored with top quality enamel with all brass pieces coated in 24K gold. 

Brass with 24K gold plating.
Steel posts.
Size: 0.5"
Designed, hand-assembled and finished in US.

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To preserve and maintain the beautiful color and integrity of Miss Modi jewelry, we recommend that you follow these instructions:

- Do not bend at any connecting parts and avoid excessive pressure to prevent deformation or breakage of the studs/ connector.
- Do not wipe with silver polishing cloth as it may damage the gold plating.
- Avoid direct contact with chemicals (e.g. perfumes)
- Remove in excessively salty, chlorinated or sulfuric environments. (e.g. swimming pools, oceans, hot springs)
- Rinse gently with clean water, wipe dry with a dry cloth, dry naturally, and store it in a protective bag or case.

Like any handcrafted jewelry you may see some minor variations, which is typical of any handmade item.  For example you may see some very minor scratches on the metal due to the crafting process or minor color difference as colors are mixed by hand as well.  These are normal characteristics of handcrafted items which add to the uniqueness of each piece.

The material is plated with 24K gold, which is one of the least allergen reactive metals. But because each human body is different, your response to it may be different from others.